The Hot Zone

The Hot Zone


Richard Preston

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Mount Elgon and Kitum Cave

To Ebola experts, Preston, and the reader, Mount Elgon and Kitum Cave represent the center of the mystery that is Ebola. Somewhere within that cave lurks the host of the virus—the animal that doesn’t… read analysis of Mount Elgon and Kitum Cave

Syringes and Needles

Syringes and needles are a powerful and double-edged symbol within The Hot Zone. On one hand, they can deliver life-saving medicine quickly and effectively. On the other hand, a contaminated syringe is incredibly dangerous… read analysis of Syringes and Needles

Spacesuits and Gloves

Multiple characters in The Hot Zone use spacesuits and gloves in order to protect themselves from infectious diseases, especially Ebola. Over and over again, however, Preston makes clear how fragile and unreliable these seemingly foolproof… read analysis of Spacesuits and Gloves

Blood and Bleeding

Blood is yet another multifaceted symbol within The Hot Zone. Although it carries life and nutrients throughout the human body, blood also acts as a carrier of infectious disease. In the case of Ebola… read analysis of Blood and Bleeding

Kinshasa Highway

Kinshasa Highway, which spans the width of the continent of Africa, symbolizes the dangers of globalization and innovation. Paved in the 1970s, the increased traffic on that road greatly facilitated and sped up the… read analysis of Kinshasa Highway

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