The House on Mango Street


Sandra Cisneros

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The House on Mango Street: Chapter 42 Summary & Analysis

Esperanza complains to Alicia that she doesn’t have a house, while Alicia has a home back in Guadalajara that she will return to someday. Alicia points to the house on Mango Street, but Esperanza refuses to call it home. She shakes her head, trying to undo the year she has spent there. She repeats that she has no house except for one in her dreams. Alicia says “like it or not you are Mango Street,” but Esperanza vows to never return until somebody makes Mango Street better. Alicia asks her who will make it better, and she suggests the mayor. Esperanza laughs at the absurdity of the mayor coming to Mango Street.
It is notable that Esperanza is spending time with Alicia now (who is studying and trying to leave) instead of Sally. Alicia also reiterates the words of the three sisters – Esperanza must remember who she is, come to terms with Mango Street, and return for the ones who need help. The absurdity of the mayor visiting Mango Street emphasizes the only way real change will happen – by people like Alicia and Esperanza leaving, becoming successful, and coming back.
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