The Inheritance of Loss

The Inheritance of Loss

Gorkha National Liberation Front (GNLF)

A violent movement created in the 1980s by Subhash Ghisingh, on which much of the political conflict in Desai’s novel is centered, and which Gyan briefly joins. The GNLF called for a separate state called… (read full term analysis)

Indian Civil Service (ICS)

The elite higher civil service of the British Empire in British-ruled India. The ICS oversaw all government activity in the 250 districts that comprised India. At first, almost all of the top members of the… (read full term analysis)

Indian National Congress

A political party in India (sometimes simply known as “Congress”) founded in the late 19th century. Under the leadership of Mahatma Ghandi after 1920, it became the principal leader of the Indian independence movement, eventually… (read full term analysis)