The Last Lecture

The Last Lecture


Randy Pausch

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The Last Lecture: Chapter 49 Summary & Analysis

Randy has been accused of seeing things as black or white, and Randy admits that when he was younger he used to say his crayon boxes had only two colors: black and white. That might be why Randy likes computers so much—most everything is either true or false. However, as Randy has gotten older, he’s grown to appreciate multi-colored crayon boxes, and, in any case, Randy loves crayons. At his last lecture, he had planned to have people pass out a crayon to everyone in the audience, but he forgot. His plan was that, as he spoke about childhood dreams, everyone in the crowd would take the crayon to their nose and smell it. When Randy needs to go back in time, he puts a crayon under his nose and takes a sniff, as it “takes you right back to childhood…”
Smelling a crayon is one way to change your attitude, Randy believes. It helps bring you back to your childhood mindset and it can often help you get in touch with what your childhood dreams were. Reconnecting with childhood dreams can help you bring them into focus in your current reality.
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