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Louise Erdrich

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Susy is a young girl that Henry and Lyman pick up hitchhiking on their road trip. Her most distinctive feature is her hair, which is usually tied up in “buns around her ears,” but which reaches the ground when she finally lets it down. Henry and Lyman stay with her family in Alaska happily for a season. The period the brothers spend with Susy is their most happy, youthful, and carefree; in a memorable scene that demonstrates this, she finally takes her hair down and sits on Henry’s shoulders as he twirls her around.

Susy Quotes in The Red Convertible

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). Note: all page numbers and citation info for the quotes below refer to the Harper Perennial edition of The Red Convertible published in 1984.
The Red Convertible Quotes

She was standing on a chair, but still, when she unclipped her buns the hair reached all the way to the ground. Our eyes opened. You couldn't tell how much hair she had when it was rolled up so neatly. Then my brother Henry did something funny. He went up to the chair and said, "Jump on my shoulders." So she did that, and her hair reached down past his waist, and he started twirling, this way and that, so her hair was flung out from side to side.

"I always wondered what it was like to have long pretty hair," Henry says. Well we laughed. It was a funny sight, the way he did it.

Related Characters: Henry Lamartine (speaker), Susy (speaker)
Page Number: 180
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The Red Convertible
Loss of Innocence Theme Icon
...when they travel: those would just be bothersome. They pick up a young hitchhiker named Susy from Alaska, with whom they stay for a season, in a tent outside her family’s... (full context)
Loss of Innocence Theme Icon
Masculinity and Silence Theme Icon
One night, Susy comes to see them. “You never seen my hair,” she says, and she takes her... (full context)