The Round House


Louise Erdrich

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George Lark Character Analysis

George Lark was a white man who once owned a gas station near the reservation. He was Grace’s husband, Linden’s father, and Linda’s biological father. George, like his wife and son, was known for his racism towards Native people; he regularly tried to swindle Native people at his gas station before a boycott drove him out of business. George features much less prominently in the novel than his wife, Grace.
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George Lark Character Timeline in The Round House

The timeline below shows where the character George Lark appears in The Round House. The colored dots and icons indicate which themes are associated with that appearance.
Chapter Three: Justice
Parenthood, Foster Families, and Coming of Age Theme Icon
Land, the Judicial System, and Justice Theme Icon
...another case, in which the court determined that the white owners of a gas station, George Lark and Grace Lark, had been charging tribal members extra. Bazil sets this case file... (full context)
Women, Bigotry, and Sexual Violence Theme Icon
...because of the people involved, not because of his own legal victory. Bazil explains that George and Grace Lark are dead, but that their daughter Linda and their son Linden are... (full context)
Chapter Six: Datalore
Parenthood, Foster Families, and Coming of Age Theme Icon
After Betty and George Wishkob died, Linda lived in their house alone. One night, Linda received a phone call... (full context)