The Rover


Aphra Behn

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Italian cities such as Venice and Naples (where The Rover takes place) were famed for their Carnivals, huge, city-wide festivals during which many of the rules of ordinary life were temporarily suspended. Within the play… read analysis of Carnival


Hellena, Florinda, and the cavaliers all use masks and disguises in order to plan and carry out their various liaisons. On a deeper level, however, masks represent the confusion of identity that takes… read analysis of Masks

Angelica’s Picture

Every day, Angelica commands her servants to display pictures of herself in front of her house, so all the citizens of Naples can admire her beauty. Once she falls in love with Willmore, however… read analysis of Angelica’s Picture


Throughout The Rover, swords are associated with masculinity, virility, and power. Belvile is a true man in part because of his skill with a sword. Much of Blunt’s humiliation comes from being robbed of… read analysis of Swords