The Sea-Wolf


Jack London

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The Red-Faced Man Character Analysis

The red-faced man is a passenger on the same ship as Humphrey Van Weyden that sinks off the coast of San Francisco. He is much more experienced on the sea than Van Weyden, and his expertise helps highlight just how much of a novice at sea Van Weyden is at the beginning of the book.
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The Red-Faced Man Character Timeline in The Sea-Wolf

The timeline below shows where the character The Red-Faced Man appears in The Sea-Wolf. The colored dots and icons indicate which themes are associated with that appearance.
Chapter 1
Self-Reliance and Maturation Theme Icon
...recent issue of The Atlantic. As the narrator contemplates ideas for a new essay, a red-faced man interrupts to say that there is nasty weather ahead. (full context)
Self-Reliance and Maturation Theme Icon
Survival of the Fittest Theme Icon
The red-faced man advises the narrator to find something to hang on to, while the pilot of the... (full context)