The Second Shepherd’s Play



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The Second Shepherd’s Play Characters


Coll is one of the protagonists of the play, alongside his two other shepherd companions, Gyb and Daw. The eldest of the three shepherds, Coll has the most political complaints and attributes his suffering… read analysis of Coll


Gyb is the middle of the three shepherds (older than Daw but younger than Coll) and is also a protagonist. Like Coll, Gyb’s life is marked by hardship, however he specifically feels oppressed by… read analysis of Gyb


The third protagonist, Daw, is the youngest of the three shepherds and reports to Coll and Gyb. Daw is treated somewhat poorly by Coll and Gyb and is plagued by his constant hunger and… read analysis of Daw


Mak is the primary antagonist of the play, husband of Gill, father of several children, and enemy to the three shepherd protagonists, Coll, Gyb, and Daw. Widely known as a thief… read analysis of Mak


Gill is an antagonist of the play, wife to Mak, and mother to several children. Cunning and deceitful, Gill is the mastermind behind the plan to disguise the stolen sheep as a newborn baby… read analysis of Gill
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Christ is the Son of God and the baby born in Bethlehem to Mary. The three shepherd protagonists—Coll, Gyb, and Daw—visit him and bring him humble gifts. By his… read analysis of Christ


The Angel is the heavenly being that appears to the three shepherds, Coll, Gyb, and Daw, between the comic subplot and the religious plot. The Angel sings “Gloria in Excelsis Deo” and… read analysis of Angel


Mary is the mother of Christ. Like the Angel, Mary reveals the significance of Christ’s birth to the shepherds. She tells Coll, Gyb, and Daw that they are redeemed and urges… read analysis of Mary