The Second Shepherd’s Play



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The Second Shepherd’s Play: Scene 4 Summary & Analysis

Mak returns to his hut from the fields. Beginning to feel nervous, Mak tells Gill that the shepherds will immediately suspect him when they realize one of their sheep is missing. Gill is unruffled, confident that their plan to disguise the sheep as a newborn baby will go over smoothly. She points out that even if their plan was more complex and dangerous, she would still be able to help Mak pull it off.
Gill’s willingness to help Mak in even more difficult schemes reveals that she is as mischievous and deceitful as her husband. Her desire for a more dangerous plan also shows that she is a thrill seeker: a ploy that is punishable by death isn’t satisfying enough for her.
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Preparing for the shepherds’ imminent arrival, Gill tells Mak to sing a lullaby to the swaddled sheep while she groans in fake postpartum pain.
Gill once again authoritatively directs the plans and reveals herself to be the real mastermind in the scheme and the marriage. She adds another layer to her already-clever plan by demanding Mak sing a lullaby to make the birth seem more believable.
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