The Three Day Blow


Ernest Hemingway

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The Three Day Blow Characters


Nick is the story’s protagonist and Bill’s close friend. He is a young man who is visiting Bill at Bill’s father’s cottage in Michigan, around 1916, just as an early fall storm is… (read full character analysis)


Bill is Nick’s close friend. Like Nick, Bill is passionate about literature, fishing, and drinking—all activities that Bill thinks “real” men enjoy. Like Nick, he is eager to show off how much he knows… (read full character analysis)

Marjorie (“Marge”)

Nick’s ex-girlfriend. Although Marjorie is not physically present in the story, Nick and Bill talk about her as they drink, and she consumes Nick’s thoughts. Nick called off his relationship with Marge because he… (read full character analysis)

Bill’s Father

Bill’s father is painter who drinks heavily and “gets a little wild sometimes.” Like Bill, he also enjoys shooting, and he is outside shooting for the duration of the story. He appears to be… (read full character analysis)

Nick’s Father

Nick’s father is a doctor who claims to have never consumed alcohol in his life. Nick and Bill agree that Nick’s father has “missed a lot” from his sensible life choices. These types of… (read full character analysis)
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Ida is a girl who “works for the Strattons” that Bill mentions in passing when cautioning Nick that Marjorie wasn’t the sort of girl he should marry. Similarly, Bill thinks Ida would not be a… (read full character analysis)