The Wanderer

The Wanderer Characters


Sophie, the central character of The Wanderer, is a thirteen-year-old girl who’s anxious to sail across the ocean from New England to England in order to see her grandfather, Bompie. Sophie’s diary entries… (read full character analysis)


Cody’s log entries make up one half of The Wanderer’s narration, with Sophie’s diary being the other. Cody’s journey across the ocean is less defined than Sophie’s—whereas Sophie know she wants to see… (read full character analysis)


Though Bompie physically appears in the novel only for a short amount of time, he is present throughout The Wanderer’s entire journey in Sophie’s thoughts and the stories she tells of him. When Bompie… (read full character analysis)


Brian, cousin to Sophie and Cody and son of Stew, is in many ways the polar opposite of Cody’s personality. Whereas Cody is laid-back and not very serious most of the time, Brian is… (read full character analysis)


The father of Cody, brother of Dock and Stew, and uncle of Sophie and Brian, Mo begins The Wanderer having a poor relationship with his son. Constantly yelling at and scolding Cody… (read full character analysis)
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Uncle to Sophie, Cody, and Brian, and brother to Stew and Mo, Dock is the most level-headed of the uncles. While Mo is often grouchy, constantly yelling at Cody, and getting… (read full character analysis)


The father of Brian, brother of Dock and Mo, and uncle of Sophie and Cody, Stew shares his son’s keen intellect and obsessive sense of organization. He’s always saying that nobody tells… (read full character analysis)


Not much is known about Rosalie, except that she used to be Dock’s lover. In the middle of the book, Dock recounts how the two had a very close and special relationship, but that… (read full character analysis)


A friend of Dock’s, Frank lives in Grand Manan, where the crew stops before they finally set off across the ocean towards Bompie. Frank irritates Sophie when he assumes that, because she’s a… (read full character analysis)


Joey, Rosalie’s brother, lives in Martha’s Vineyard, where the crew stops before they get to Grand Manan. Dock, still infatuated with Rosalie, presumably wants to stop at Joey’s in the hopes of… (read full character analysis)