The Wanderer


Sharon Creech

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Joey Character Analysis

Joey, Rosalie’s brother, lives in Martha’s Vineyard, where the crew stops before they get to Grand Manan. Dock, still infatuated with Rosalie, presumably wants to stop at Joey’s in the hopes of either seeing Rosalie or getting information about how she’s doing or where she is. In Martha’s Vineyard, Dock finds out from Joey that Rosalie’s husband died. Joey also has a nice boat which he refurbished and partly built entirely by himself—and its luxurious and top-notch quality makes Dock jealous.
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Joey Character Timeline in The Wanderer

The timeline below shows where the character Joey appears in The Wanderer. The colored dots and icons indicate which themes are associated with that appearance.
II. Shakedown
Family and Personal Identity Theme Icon
The Mysteries of Life and Death Theme Icon
...and that the reason they’re stopping in Martha’s Vineyard is to visit Uncle Dock’s friend Joey. Joey has spent the last five years refurbishing an old wooden boat, and it’s in... (full context)
IV. Under Way
The Passage of Time Theme Icon
Men and Women Theme Icon
...Grand Manan. Stew tells Sophie that Block Island was where Dock first met Rosalie, and Joey in Martha’s Vineyard is Rosalie’s brother. Joey told Dock that Rosalie’s husband died, and that... (full context)