The Way to Rainy Mountain


N. Scott Momaday

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Thecrows are a tribe of Indians who helped the Kiowas during their southward migration from Montana. Their historical lands are in the Yellowstone River Valley in Montana, Wyoming, and North Dakota. As the Kiowas moved through Crow lands during their migration to the southern plains, they formed an alliance with the Crows and their culture became deeply influenced by Crow culture. It was from the Crows that the Kiowas inherited their religion—the Sun Dance and Tai-me are Crow in origin.
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Crows Character Timeline in The Way to Rainy Mountain

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...that led to a “golden age” for the Kiowas. As they moved, they befriended the Crows, who introduced them to Plains culture and religion (including the Sun Dance, and Tai-me, the... (full context)