The White Devil


John Webster

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Lawyer Character Analysis

The lawyer is hired by Francisco and Monticelso to question Vittoria; he believes that if they can prove she kissed Brachiano, then they can prove she killed Camillo and Isabella. However, when it comes time for the lawyer to actually question Vittoria, he does so either in Latin or in multi-syllabic English, causing Vittoria (and many others in the court) to grow frustrated with him.
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Lawyer Character Timeline in The White Devil

The timeline below shows where the character Lawyer appears in The White Devil. The colored dots and icons indicate which themes are associated with that appearance.
Act 3, Scene 1
Double Standards of Desire Theme Icon
Punishment and Repentance  Theme Icon fault, but they only have circumstantial evidence. Monticelso brings in various ambassadors and a lawyer to hear her case. The lawyer advises that if they can prove Vittoria and Brachiano... (full context)
External Virtue vs. Internal Truth Theme Icon
Ambassadors from France, Spain and England arrive, and the lawyer flatters all of them. In as aside to the audience, Flamineo reveals all of the... (full context)
Act 3, Scene 2
Class and Corruption Theme Icon
...the proceedings, but they are unsuccessful. The court calls Vittoria to the stand, and the lawyer Francisco has hired begins to question her. (full context)
Double Standards of Desire Theme Icon
Class and Corruption Theme Icon
At first, the lawyer speaks in Latin, but Vittoria refuses to answer his questions. Though she understands Latin, she... (full context)