The Woman in Cabin 10


Ruth Ware

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The Woman in Cabin 10 Characters

Laura “Lo” Blacklock

Lo is a 32-year-old journalist living in the Harringay district of London. She’s spent the past decade in an entry-level job at travel magazine Velocity and jumps at the chance to cover the maiden voyage… read analysis of Laura “Lo” Blacklock

The Woman in Cabin 10/Carrie

Lo meets the woman in the neighboring cabin when she goes next door to borrow some mascara. The woman, whom Lo mostly refers to as “the girl” in the first half of the story, is… read analysis of The Woman in Cabin 10/Carrie

Lord Richard Bullmer

Bullmer, a British Lord and wealthy owner of the Aurora cruise liner, is just a few years older than Lo. He is married to Anne Lyngstad Bullmer. After a privileged childhood, Bullmer was… read analysis of Lord Richard Bullmer

Anne Bullmer

Anne, around age 30, is a wealthy heiress married to Lord Richard Bullmer. Her family owned a famous car manufacturing company in Norway. She spent most of her childhood in Swiss boarding schools and… read analysis of Anne Bullmer

Judah Lewis

Judah (or “Jude”) is Lo’s boyfriend, 35 years old and originally from Brooklyn, New York. He works as a foreign correspondent and travels a lot. Jude wants his relationship with Lo to move forward… read analysis of Judah Lewis
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Ben Howard

Ben is a fellow passenger on the Aurora, a travel journalist with a “hipster beard” who used to work at Velocity with Lo and now does investigative journalism at the Times. Unlike Lo… read analysis of Ben Howard

Tina West

Tina is a fellow Aurora passenger, a veteran journalist, and editor of the travel publication The Vernean Times. Tina began her journalism career in the late eighties and is legendary for her ruthlessness. Though… read analysis of Tina West

Johann Nilsson

Nilsson is head of security on the Aurora. He is a big, bearlike man of about forty. He shows kindness to Lo after she reports the presumed murder, but he also second-guesses her reliability… read analysis of Johann Nilsson

Cole Lederer

Cole is a handsome, award-winning photographer in his forties. He flirts with Lo during the first night of the Aurora cruise. While Lo is telling Bullmer her suspicions about the woman in Cabin 10read analysis of Cole Lederer
Minor Characters
Rowan Lonsdale
Rowan is Lo’s boss at travel magazine Velocity. Rowan is severely ill during her pregnancy, and she offers Lo the gig aboard the Aurora as a way of proving herself. Lo hopes to cover Rowan’s maternity leave and then get the promotion Rowan has been promising.
Alexander Belhomme
Alexander is a fellow passenger on the Aurora, a travel journalist, and “rotund as a walrus.” He’s fond of luxurious living and gossips with Lo about various passengers’ nocturnal prowling around the ship.
Archer Fenlan
Archer is a fellow passenger on the Aurora, a weather-beaten ex-Marine whose expertise is “extreme travel.” He scares Lo while demonstrating self-defense techniques.
Chloe Jenssen
Chloe is a fellow passenger on the Aurora, a stunning ex-model who’s married to Lars Jenssen.
Lars Jenssen
Lars is a fellow passenger on the Aurora, head of a Swedish investment group. He’s married to Chloe Jenssen.
Owen White
Owen is a fellow passenger on the Aurora, an older man and UK-based investor who keeps to himself.
Camilla Lidman
Camilla is the stewardess in charge of hospitality on the Aurora. She gives Lo an enthusiastic welcome on the first day of the cruise.
Karla is Lo’s cabin stewardess on the Aurora. She tries to dissuade Lo from pursuing her investigation further, fearing for her job.
Eva is a spa therapist aboard the Aurora, a kind, strikingly attractive woman in her forties.
Ulla is a stewardess and spa therapist aboard the Aurora, almost six feet tall and delicately beautiful. She gives Lo a mud treatment during the spa morning.
Josef is a steward on the Aurora. He sleeps with Tina West on the first night of the cruise.
Iwona is a Polish woman who works as a cleaner aboard the Aurora.
Konrad Horst
Konrad is a kindly, elderly Norwegian man who discovers Lo hiding in his horse barn after she flees Bullmer, drives her to safety, and helps her contact Judah and the police.