Brian Friel

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All Translation Is Interpretation

Widely regarded as playwright Brian Friel’s masterpiece, Translations takes place in mid-nineteenth century colonial Ireland. British soldiers have arrived in the fictional Irish-speaking town of Baile Beag to complete the country’s first Ordnance Survey. This process, which requires translating Gaelic place names into English, sets the context for Friel’s multi-layered meditation on language as a tool for both liberation and oppression. Above all, as the title suggests, the play explores what the act of translation—carrying…

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Language, Culture, and Identity

In Translations, Irish culture is inextricable from Irish language; Gaelic at once reflects and shapes the Irish experience, and, it follows, is essential to the preservation of Irish identity. Friel explores the ways in which names are essential to the construction of this identity, presenting the destruction of one as invariably leading to the destruction of the other. While mourning this loss, however, the play does not entirely condemn it. Instead, Translations reveals that…

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The Limits of Language

Beyond being a tool to define cultural identity, language is also, of course, a means of communication throughout Translations. However, words often prove an inadequate mode of expression, as characters reach towards speech that fails convey what they actually mean. Thus, even as the play asserts the power of language to both preserve and shape culture—as well as the importance of translation in interpreting that culture—it also suggests that language is ultimately an insufficient…

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Colonialism and Cultural Imperialism

As with much of Friel’s work, the shifting political and cultural landscape of Ireland lies at the heart of Translations. The play takes place in 1833, a time when all of Ireland was under British control and had been for hundreds of years. The Ordnance Survey represents a moment of increased British interest in the island, and Friel uses this turning point in history to explore the mechanisms and effects of colonization on a…

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