Winesburg, Ohio

Winesburg, Ohio


Sherwood Anderson

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Tom Hard’s seven-year-old daughter. Tandy experiences the loss of her mother and is neglected under the care of her atheistic father. A drunk stranger who comes to Winesburg shares a mysterious prophecy with the little girl, telling her that a woman is coming who will transcend the flaws of humanity and that she could grow up to be that woman. He explains a quality that he calls “Tandy”—a courageous strength and willingness to be loved. The stranger encourages the girl to “be Tandy” by embodying these principles, endowing her with a new name and a renewed sense of purpose that directly conflicts with her father’s apathetic mindset. From then on, she rejects her given name and demands to be called Tandy.

Tandy Hard Quotes in Winesburg, Ohio

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15. Tandy Quotes

The stranger arose and stood before Tom Hard. His body rocked back and forth and he seemed about to fall, but instead he dropped to his knees on the sidewalk and raise the hands of the little girl to his drunken lips. He kissed them ecstatically. “Be Tandy, little one,” he pleaded. “Dare to be strong and courageous. That is the road. Venture anything. Be brave enough to dare to be loved. Be something more than man or woman. Be Tandy.”

Related Characters: The Narrator (speaker), The Stranger (speaker), Tandy Hard, Tom Hard
Related Symbols: Hands
Page Number: 132-133
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15. Tandy
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Faith, Fate, and Meaning Theme Icon
Tandy Hard is a seven-year-old girl in Winesburg whose mother has died and who is now... (full context)
Faith, Fate, and Meaning Theme Icon
The stranger tells Tom Hard and Tandy that he has lost faith, but that there is a prophetic woman coming and that... (full context)