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Jurgen Warmbrunn Character Analysis

Warmbrunn, an Israeli agent, was among the first to pay close attention to early reports of zombies from around the world, and to caution his government against the imminent threat. He says that, as a nation, the Israelis are generally wary about danger because they had already come close to extinction before and are determined to never let this happen again. Warmbrunn got in touch with his ex-CIA friend, Paul Knight, who was also collecting evidence of zombie outbreaks. The two of them wrote the Warmbrunn-Knight Report, with inputs from several researchers and agents around the world, and they sent off copies of this report to several nations to tell them how to protect themselves from a zombie outbreak. However, this report was ignored by all nations except Israel, which declared a voluntary quarantine to protect itself from the virus. Warmbrunn expresses regret that the zombie war could have been prevented if the report was read and acted upon. At the conclusion of the novel, the narrator includes a short second interview of Warmbrunn in which he states that the zombie war had a huge cost and that no one in the world can escape its effects.

Jurgen Warmbrunn Quotes in World War Z

The World War Z quotes below are all either spoken by Jurgen Warmbrunn or refer to Jurgen Warmbrunn. For each quote, you can also see the other characters and themes related to it (each theme is indicated by its own dot and icon, like this one:
Humanity vs. Monstrosity Theme Icon
). Note: all page numbers and citation info for the quotes below refer to the Three Rivers edition of World War Z published in 2006.
Chapter 1: Warnings Quotes

Our report was just under a hundred pages long. It was concise, it was fully comprehensive, it was everything we thought we needed to make sure this outbreak never reached epidemic proportions. I know a lot of credit has been heaped upon the South African war plan, and deservedly so, but if more people had read our report and worked to make its recommendations a reality, then that plan would have never needed to exist.

Related Characters: Jurgen Warmbrunn (speaker), Paul Knight
Page Number: 36
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Jurgen Warmbrunn Character Timeline in World War Z

The timeline below shows where the character Jurgen Warmbrunn appears in World War Z. The colored dots and icons indicate which themes are associated with that appearance.
Chapter 1: Warnings
Fear Theme Icon
Tel Aviv, Israel. The narrator meets Jurgen Warmbrunn, an Israeli intelligence agent, at an Ethiopian restaurant. Warmbrunn says that most people “don’t believe... (full context)
Fear Theme Icon
The first warning Warmbrunn had that something was amiss was from friends and customers in Taiwan who complained about... (full context)
Fear Theme Icon
Sometime later, Warmbrunn spoke to a professor from Hebrew University who told him about his cousin in South... (full context)
Humanity vs. Monstrosity Theme Icon
The Cost of War Theme Icon
Warmbrunn reached out to his friend Paul Knight, a former CIA agent who now worked in... (full context)
Chapter 8: Good-Byes
The Cost of War Theme Icon
Tel Aviv, Israel. Warmbrunn says that he’s “heard it said that the Holocaust has no survivors.” Even those who... (full context)