World War Z

World War Z


Max Brooks

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Sharon Character Analysis

Sharon is now an adult but is in a rehabilitation facility for feral children—young children who grew up without their parents during the outbreak and do not have any social or language skills. The narrator says that she “has the mind of a four-year-old,” so Sharon also suffers from developmental issues. She describes how she and her mother had taken safety in a church with some other people, including Mrs. Randolph who cried when Sharon asked her where her daughter Ashley was. A horde of zombies stormed the church, and the pastor’s wife began killing the little children to save them from being bitten and infected. Sharon’s mother, too, tried to choke her to death, but Mrs. Randolph saved her life. Sharon’s stark account highlights the fear and desperation of those times.
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Sharon Character Timeline in World War Z

The timeline below shows where the character Sharon appears in World War Z. The colored dots and icons indicate which themes are associated with that appearance.
Chapter 3: The Great Panic
Fear Theme Icon
...narrator is at the Rothman Rehabilitation Home for Feral Children, where he is meeting with Sharon, a beautiful young woman who was found in the ruins of Wichita. The narrator says... (full context)
Fear Theme Icon
Then somebody yelled “Here they come!” and Sharon’s mother came and picked her up. People tried to hold the doors closed, but they... (full context)