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A young Palestinian who used to harbor great anger against the Israelis and refused to go to Israel when they offered refuge to Palestinians during their voluntary quarantine. Kader’s father, who was a janitor in a hospital in Kuwait, had heard of some cases of the zombie virus, and insisted that Kader accompany the family to Israel. On entering Israel, Kader saw the beginning of the Israeli Civil War, which was fought because some Israelis didn’t agree with their government’s idea of opening their country to Palestinians. An Israeli soldier died protecting Kader’s family, and Kader realized that he’d hated these people his whole life but didn’t really know anything about them. He also saw zombies for the first time, and recognized that they were extremely dangerous. He was flabbergasted that the rest of the world was not listening to Israel and following their example, too.

Saladin Kader Quotes in World War Z

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). Note: all page numbers and citation info for the quotes below refer to the Three Rivers edition of World War Z published in 2006.
Chapter 1: Warnings Quotes

I realized I practically didn’t know anything about these people I’d hated my entire life. Everything I thought was true went up in smoke that day, supplanted by the face of our real enemy.

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Page Number: 44
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Saladin Kader Character Timeline in World War Z

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Chapter 1: Warnings
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Bethlehem, Palestine. Saladin Kader is professor of urban planning at Khalil Gibran University in Bethlehem, which is “one of... (full context)
Humanity vs. Monstrosity Theme Icon
Fear Theme Icon
Kader’s father, who was a janitor at a hospital, had been on duty on a night... (full context)
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When the asylum-seekers approached the border of Israel, Kader saw the Wall for the first time. It surrounded the entire border of Israel. They... (full context)
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Kader and his family felt like prisoners at the overcrowded camp with its barbed wire and... (full context)
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...shooting at them, but these figures kept moving until they were shot in the head. Kader says he suddenly understood “what the Israelis had been trying to warn the rest of... (full context)