Wuthering Heights

Wuthering Heights


Emily Brontë

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Wuthering Heights Characters

Mr. Lockwood

A gentleman who rents Thrushcross Grange from Heathcliff. He is the narrator of the story; Nelly Dean tells him about all of the other characters, and he passes on her account to the reader… read analysis of Mr. Lockwood

Ellen "Nelly" Dean

Housekeeper to the Earnshaws and Lintons. The novel is from her point of view; we see every character (aside from Lockwood) through her eyes. She grows up alongside Hindley, Catherine, and Heathcliffread analysis of Ellen "Nelly" Dean

Hindley Earnshaw

Son of Mr. Earnshaw, brother of Catherine, foster brother of Heathcliff, father of Hareton, husband of Frances. He inherits Wuthering Heights from his father. A hardcore drinker and gambler, he… read analysis of Hindley Earnshaw

Catherine Earnshaw Linton

Daughter of Mr. Earnshaw, sister of Hindley, foster sister and true love of Heathcliff, wife of Edgar, mother of Cathy. Gorgeous and fiery with dark curls and penetrating eyes, Catherine… read analysis of Catherine Earnshaw Linton


Foster son of Mr. Earnshaw; foster brother of Hindley and Catherine; husband of Isabella; father of Linton. Heathcliff is the conflicted villain/hero of the novel. Mr. Earnshaw finds him on the… read analysis of Heathcliff
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Catherine/Cathy Linton Heathcliff Earnshaw

Daughter of Edgar and Catherine; wife of Linton Heathcliff and Hareton Earnshaw (both her cousins). Young, beautiful, and good-hearted, Cathy has the gumption and passion of her mother and the calm and blonde beauty… read analysis of Catherine/Cathy Linton Heathcliff Earnshaw

Hareton Earnshaw

Son of Hindley and Frances; husband of young Cathy. Hareton lives and works at Wuthering Heights, where his father ignores him and Heathcliff tolerates him; he is shy, rough, illiterate, hard-working, and neglected… read analysis of Hareton Earnshaw

Edgar Linton

Brother of Isabella, husband of Catherine, father of Cathy. Sweet, loving, and kind, Edgar is the picture of a country gentleman; he is very handsome and dotes upon both wife and daughter… read analysis of Edgar Linton
Minor Characters
Mr. Earnshaw
A gentleman farmer. He is father to Hindley and Catherine. Out of kindness, he takes in Heathcliff, an orphan. He is stern. He alienates his biological son by showing interest in Heathcliff. By the time of his death, he has little control over any of his children.
Frances Earnshaw
Hindley's wife and Hareton's mother. Frances, a minor character, meets Hindley away from Wuthering Heights. She arrives at Wuthering Heights full of enthusiasm but dies soon after giving birth to her son.
Isabella Linton
Sister of Edgar, wife of Heathcliff, mother of Linton. Beautiful and fair, she is raised to be a dainty, delicate lady. She is no match for Heathcliff, who marries her for her claim on Thrushcross Grange rather than for love.
Linton Heathcliff
Son of Heathcliff and Isabella; husband of young Catherine. Though lovely looking, Linton is sickly, whiny, effeminate, and weak.
Long-time servant at Wuthering Heights. He is very religious and judgmental. Joseph speaks in a very thick dialect.
Housekeeper at Wuthering Heights.