Year of Wonders


Geraldine Brooks

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Seth and Charity Merrill Character Analysis

Seth and Charity are the young children of Jakob and Maudie Merrill. Too young to take over their father’s farm, they are at risk of becoming penniless orphans when he dies, but Mompellion arranges for one of the Bradfords’ former servants, Brand Rigney, to steward the farm and take care of them.
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Seth and Charity Merrill Character Timeline in Year of Wonders

The timeline below shows where the character Seth and Charity Merrill appears in Year of Wonders. The colored dots and icons indicate which themes are associated with that appearance.
Part 2: Among Those That Go Down to the Pit
Faith, Suffering, and God’s Will Theme Icon
...where Jakob Merril is dying. Brand, still living at the farm, is distracting Jakob’s son Seth while Anna relieves the ten-year-old Charity of the household chores, preparing food for their supper.... (full context)
Community and Convention Theme Icon of his children. He arranges for Jakob to leave his farm jointly to Brand, Charity, and Seth. When they leave, the children are comforted and Jakob is ready to die,... (full context)