Year of Wonders


Geraldine Brooks

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The young man Character Analysis

A Londoner who leaves the city when an outbreak of the plague strikes it. He ends up at a dinner party in Eyam (before the plague strikes the town) at the Bradford's house at which Anna is serving the food. He mocks anyone who reacted to the plague in London by trying to help the sick rather than fleeing in order to protect their own lives. Mompellion reacts to this argument with consternation.
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The young man Character Timeline in Year of Wonders

The timeline below shows where the character The young man appears in Year of Wonders. The colored dots and icons indicate which themes are associated with that appearance.
Part 2: The Thunder of His Voice
Community and Convention Theme Icon ask after Anna’s well-being, a breach of convention that shocks the others. A foppish young man from London catches Anna’s attention when he tells the guests about a recent plague outbreak... (full context)
Community and Convention Theme Icon
Faith, Suffering, and God’s Will Theme Icon
The young man belittles as fools everyone altruistic enough to stay in London to fight the plague, and... (full context)