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Measure for Measure
Shakescleare Translation

Measure for Measure Translation Act 4, Scene 5

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Enter DUKE VINCENTIO in his own habit, and FRIAR PETER


These letters at fit time deliver me. The provost knows our purpose and our plot. The matter being afoot, keep your instruction, And hold you ever to our special drift; Though sometimes you do blench from this to that, As cause doth minister. Go call at Flavius' house, And tell him where I stay: give the like notice To Valentinus, Rowland, and to Crassus, And bid them bring the trumpets to the gate; But send me Flavius first.


Deliver these letters for me at the appropriate time. The provost knows all about our ideas and the plan. While the plan is underway, remember your instructions and stick to what I told you—even if you have to go back and forth a little as the situation demands. Go to Flavius' house and tell him where I'm hiding. Also tell Valentinus, Rowland, and Crassus—and tell them to bring their trumpets to the gate. But send me Flavius first.


It shall be speeded well.


I'll do it as quickly as possible.




I thank thee, Varrius; thou hast made good haste: Come, we will walk. There's other of our friends Will greet us here anon, my gentle Varrius.


Thank you, Varrius. You've made good time. Come on; we'll take a walk. There are other friends of mine that will come to see us soon, dear Varrius.


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