Shakescleare Translation

Pericles Translation Act 5, Scene 2

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Enter GOWER, before the temple of DIANA at Ephesus


Now our sands are almost run; More a little, and then dumb. This, my last boon, give me, For such kindness must relieve me, That you aptly will suppose What pageantry, what feats, what shows, What minstrelsy, and pretty din, The regent made in Mytilene To greet the king. So he thrived, That he is promised to be wived To fair Marina; but in no wise Till he had done his sacrifice, As Dian bade: whereto being bound, The interim, pray you, all confound. In feather'd briefness sails are fill'd, And wishes fall out as they're will'd. At Ephesus, the temple see, Our king and all his company. That he can hither come so soon, Is by your fancy's thankful doom.


Now our time is almost up; there's only a little bit left before we shut up. Here's the last favor I'll ask of you: that you'll envision all the parades, performances, shows, songs, and fanfare that the governor put on in Mytilene to greet the king. He succeeded in getting engaged to Marina, but they won't be married until Pericles performs the sacrifice that Diana ordered. They're headed there now; picture them going in the meantime. The sails fill with wind, the ship goes quickly, and everyone's wishes are fulfilled. Now see the temple in Ephesus where the king and his group are. They got there so quickly only by the power of your imagination.