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Aldo Leopold

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A term coined by Leopold. This refers to a set of values that can be practiced by partaking in any activity that reminds a person of the past, and a time when people were forced to live off—and thus with—the land.
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Split-Rail Value Term Timeline in A Sand County Almanac

The timeline below shows where the term Split-Rail Value appears in A Sand County Almanac. The colored dots and icons indicate which themes are associated with that appearance.
Part III: Wildlife in American Culture
The Value of the Land Theme Icon
Ethics and Ecology Theme Icon
...is value in any experience that reminds a person of history. He calls this “ split-rail value .” Second, he finds value in any experiences that remind a person of the importance... (full context)
Ethics and Ecology Theme Icon
...has noticed an overall increase in mechanization, and a decrease in the cultural values (like split-rail value s and sportsmanship) he finds so important. He argues that outdoor recreation is “essentially primitive,”... (full context)
Types of Knowledge Theme Icon
Ethics and Ecology Theme Icon
He also argues “mechanization offers no cultural substitute for the split-rail value it destroys.” However, he concedes that cropping—that is, reintroducing animals to fish or hunt into... (full context)