A Wrinkle in Time


Madeleine L'Engle

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A Wrinkle in Time Characters

Meg Murry

Meg is a thirteen-year-old girl who is a misfit at school, despite her unusual intelligence that the teachers can't seem to appreciate. The main source of her unhappiness, however, comes from the fact that her… read analysis of Meg Murry

Charles Wallace Murry

Meg's gifted five-year-old brother, Charles Wallace's talents extend from advanced factual and scientific knowledge to an unusual ability to penetrate and understand the minds of others. His assurance of his abilities proves to… read analysis of Charles Wallace Murry

Calvin O'Keefe

Calvin, a fourteen-year-old boy who's so smart he's in eleventh grade and a talented athlete at that, enters the Murrys' lives in a most unexpected way at the beginning of the novel and is… read analysis of Calvin O'Keefe

Mrs. Murry

A beautiful, brilliant scientist with a wonderful family, Mrs. Murry does her best to lovingly take care of her children while her husband has mysteriously disappeared on government business, and hides her unhappiness at his… read analysis of Mrs. Murry

Mr. Murry

Mr. Murry, the children's long disappeared father, is a brilliant physicist who landed on a planet overtaken by the Black Thing when he tried to tesseract for the first time. He's been missing for over… read analysis of Mr. Murry
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Mrs. Whatsit

First appearing to Meg, Charles Wallace, and Calvin as an old, funnily dressed woman, Mrs. Whatsit is nothing close to what she appears to be. She was a star who gave her life… read analysis of Mrs. Whatsit

Mrs. Who

A plump old woman with huge spectacles, Mrs. Who's unique trait is that she speaks mostly in quotations, since she can't communicate so well on her own. Shakesepeare, Dante, and above all Scripture feature prominently… read analysis of Mrs. Who

Mrs. Which

Mrs. Which never seems to be able to fully materialize wherever they are, but the one time she does, it is as a witch on a broomstick, to the great amusement of Mrs. Whatsit and… read analysis of Mrs. Which

The Happy Medium

Before going to the dark planet, Camazotz, the Mrs. W's take the children to see the Happy Medium, who lives on a planet on Orion's belt and who can show them in her crystal… read analysis of The Happy Medium

Aunt Beast

When Mr. Murry tessers himself, Calvin, and Meg away from Camazotz in a desperate attempt to save themselves from IT and Meg is subsequently injured, Aunt Beast is one of the tentacle beasts native… read analysis of Aunt Beast

The Man with the Red Eyes

The children find the man with the red eyes waiting for them on Camazotz, once they enter the CENTRAL Central Intelligence building and are sent to speak with whoever is in authority. Like all those… read analysis of The Man with the Red Eyes


IT is a gigantic, disgusting brain that controls the minds of all the inhabitants of Camazotz and does all the thinking for them. IT is pure evil, total Darkness, and is what captured Mr. Murryread analysis of IT
Minor Characters
Sandy and Dennys Murry
The twins are the only "normal" members of the Murry family. They are well-adjusted, average students, and try to protect their siblings from being bullied too much at school.
Mr. Jenkins
The principal at Meg's school. He tries to get Meg to improve her attitude, but also seems to take a rather unpleasant interest in the absence of Mr. Murry.