Alias Grace

Alias Grace


Margaret Atwood

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Mrs. Burt Character Analysis

The landlady with whom Grace and her family live upon their arrival in Toronto. Mrs. Burt is initially very kind to Grace and her siblings; Grace suspects that Mrs. Burt, herself a widow, is plotting to wed Grace’s father. When she realizes her plan will not work, Mrs. Burt becomes a much stricter landlady—however, she does help Grace secure work at Mrs. Alderman Parkinson’s by introducing her to her friend, Mrs. Honey, who works at the Parkinson house as the housekeeper.
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Mrs. Burt Character Timeline in Alias Grace

The timeline below shows where the character Mrs. Burt appears in Alias Grace. The colored dots and icons indicate which themes are associated with that appearance.
Chapter 15
Social Class and Propriety Theme Icon
Gender, Ownership, and Power Theme Icon Toronto, where they disembark. In Toronto, Grace’s father rents lodgings from a widow named Mrs. Burt . Grace intuits that Mrs. Burt is trying to “[make] a match” with her father,... (full context)
Gender, Ownership, and Power Theme Icon
...for her to “earn [her] own bread,” though she is not even thirteen years old. Mrs. Burt is friends with a woman named Mrs. Honey, a housekeeper for Mrs. Alderman Parkinson. Grace... (full context)
Chapter 19
Social Class and Propriety Theme Icon
Gender, Ownership, and Power Theme Icon
...time, Mary defends Grace and sends her belligerent father away. Grace later tries to send Mrs. Burt some money for her younger siblings—“but,” she tells Dr. Jordan, “I do not think they... (full context)