Alias Grace

Alias Grace


Margaret Atwood

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Mrs. Susanna Moodie Character Analysis

An author, based on a real person. Susanna Moodie never appears in the novel; she is only referenced for having written an exaggerated account of Grace Marks after visiting her in prison and in the asylum. While other characters criticize Moodie for being overly impressionable, Dr. Simon Jordan suspects that many of Moodie’s exaggerations originated with Grace’s lawyer, Kenneth MacKenzie.
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Mrs. Susanna Moodie Character Timeline in Alias Grace

The timeline below shows where the character Mrs. Susanna Moodie appears in Alias Grace. The colored dots and icons indicate which themes are associated with that appearance.
Chapter 21
Storytelling and Power Theme Icon
Female Sexuality and the Nature of Women Theme Icon
...and the two men discuss Simon’s progress with Grace. Simon shares that he has read Susanna Moodie ’s account of Grace and would like to meet with her. The Reverend advises Simon... (full context)
Chapter 43
Storytelling and Power Theme Icon
Truth, Memory, and Madness Theme Icon
Justice and Religion Theme Icon
...recalls that the last time she met with Dr. Jordan he asked if she remembered Susanna Moodie ’s visits to the Kingston Penitentiary and the Toronto asylum. Grace said she did remember,... (full context)
Chapter 45
Storytelling and Power Theme Icon
Simon then questions MacKenzie about Mrs. Moodie ’s account of Grace. MacKenzie’s evasive answers make Simon realize that MacKenzie likely invented the... (full context)