All's Well that Ends Well


William Shakespeare

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All's Well that Ends Well: Act 5, Scene 1 Summary & Analysis

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Helen, the widow, and Diana arrive in Marseilles to find the king of France. Helen sees a gentleman whom she recognizes from the royal court and greets him. She asks the gentleman to deliver a “petition” from her to the king and take her to see him. The gentleman informs her that the king left the previous night for Rossillion, where he is also headed. Helen gives him the petition and asks him to give it to the king. The gentleman agrees and Helen thanks him before leaving with the widow and Diana.
The king’s absence from Marseilles throws a bit of a wrench in Helen’s plot, but she still has a plan in mind to find a final fix for her problems with Bertram. As she, Diana, and the widow approach Rossillion, so too does the play approach its necessary resolution.
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