Antony and Cleopatra


William Shakespeare

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Antony and Cleopatra: Act 4, Scene 8 Summary & Analysis

Read our modern English translation of this scene.
Back in Alexandria, Antony thanks his soldiers and says that tomorrow they will “spill the blood / That has to-day escaped.” Cleopatra enters, and Antony tells her he has been victorious. He tells her of Scarus’ honorable behavior and then she says she will give him a golden set of armor. Antony tells her that they will “through Alexandria make a jolly march . . . And drink carouses to the next day’s fate.” They leave to celebrate.
Antony thanks his loyal soldiers. Instead of focusing on or planning for the next battle with Octavius, though, he plans to celebrate decadently in the streets of Alexandria. Antony’s obsession with such decadence and luxury seems to be one of the causes of his military and political defeat.
Love, Pleasure, and Decadence Theme Icon
Honor, Loyalty, and Betrayal Theme Icon
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