Arc of Justice

Arc of Justice


Kevin Boyle

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Charles Washington Character Analysis

Charles Washington is Hewitt Watson and Leonard Morse’s colleague. A Howard University alum like Ossian Sweet, Washington and his colleagues join Ossian, Henry, and Otis Sweet, John Latting, Joe Mack, Norris Murray, and William Davis in defending the house on Garland Avenue. While awaiting trial for the murder of Leon Breiner, he joins with Davis, Morse, and Otis Sweet to demand that the NAACP take charge of the defense over the objections of the local community.
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Charles Washington Character Timeline in Arc of Justice

The timeline below shows where the character Charles Washington appears in Arc of Justice. The colored dots and icons indicate which themes are associated with that appearance.
Chapter 1: Where Death Waits
Justice and Civil Rights Theme Icon
...his insurance broker, Hewitt Watson. Watson and two of his friends, Leonard Morse and Charles Washington, agree to join the night’s watch over the house. (full context)
Prejudice, Segregation, and Society Theme Icon
Justice and Civil Rights Theme Icon
The American Dream Theme Icon
...the house from an organized, directed mob. Around six, the arrival of Mack with Murray, Washington, Watson, and Leonard Morse interrupts his ruminations. (full context)
Chapter 7: Freedmen, Sons of God, Americans
Justice and Civil Rights Theme Icon
Self-Defense, Race, and Ownership Theme Icon
...about because “[o]nly rabbits run.” Perhaps heartened by these words of approval, Otis joins Charles Washington, Leonard Morse, and William Davis in appealing to the NAACP to assume control of a... (full context)