Arc of Justice

Arc of Justice


Kevin Boyle

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Marguerite Sweet, called Iva by her parents, Ossian and Gladys Sweet, is born in France in 1924. She is still an infant when her family moves into the house on Garland Avenue. She contracts tuberculosis from her mother sometime during the trials and dies of her illness shortly before her second birthday.

Iva Sweet Quotes in Arc of Justice

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Prejudice, Segregation, and Society Theme Icon
Chapter 7 Quotes

Ossian was quoted as saying in late September, “I am willing to stay indefinitely in the cell and be punished. I feel sure by the demonstration made by my people that they have confidence in me as a law-abiding citizen. I denounce the theory of Ku Kluxism and uphold the theory of manhood with a wife and tiny baby to protect.” Tough as nails on the night of the shooting, Gladys became in White’s hands a black Madonna, her arms aching for the child she could not hold. “Though I suffer and am torn loose from my fourteen-month-old baby,” she said, “I feel it is my duty to the womanhood of the race. If I am freed I shall return and live at my home on Garland Avenue.”

Related Characters: Ossian Sweet (speaker), Gladys Sweet (speaker), Iva Sweet, Walter White, Leon Breiner
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Iva Sweet Character Timeline in Arc of Justice

The timeline below shows where the character Iva Sweet appears in Arc of Justice. The colored dots and icons indicate which themes are associated with that appearance.
Chapter 1: Where Death Waits
The American Dream Theme Icon of Ossian’s greatest accomplishments. Gladys wanted a house with a yard for their daughter, Iva, to play in. The house itself exemplifies the arts and crafts style, having been built... (full context)
Justice and Civil Rights Theme Icon
...Ossian and Gladys to the furniture store. In the afternoon, Gladys visits her family and Iva, and Ossian sees patients. He can’t shake his anxiety about the coming night, which he... (full context)
Chapter 4: Uplift Me, Pride
Prejudice, Segregation, and Society Theme Icon
Self-Defense, Race, and Ownership Theme Icon
...allow Gladys to deliver there, saying that she would make white patients uncomfortable. Fortunately, baby Iva arrives without incident in May, shortly before the family’s return home to Detroit. (full context)
Chapter 10: Judgement Day
Prejudice, Segregation, and Society Theme Icon
Justice and Civil Rights Theme Icon
Progress and Social Change Theme Icon
...practice and NAACP officers like White treat him deferentially. Concerns do pop up: Gladys and Iva spend much of the winter sick with racking coughs, and the local defense team—Cecil Rowlette,... (full context)
Epilogue: Requiescam
Prejudice, Segregation, and Society Theme Icon
The American Dream Theme Icon
...the news of Henry’s acquittal and the subsequent dropping of charges against the remaining defendants. Iva and Gladys are diagnosed with tuberculosis, which Gladys likely caught in jail and passed on... (full context)