Bernice Bobs Her Hair


F. Scott Fitzgerald

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Bernice Bobs Her Hair Characters


Marjorie’s cousin and the story’s titular protagonist. Bernice is an 18-year-old girl from an exceptionally wealthy family in New England. She regularly spends her summers with her Aunt Josephine, whose daughter Marjorie, also… read analysis of Bernice

Marjorie Harvey

Bernice’s cousin and Mrs. Harvey’s daughter. Presented as a foil to Bernice, Marjorie Harvey is shallow, witty, charming, fashionable, and unscrupulous. Ever seeking the spotlight, she takes pleasure in stringing along Warren McIntyreread analysis of Marjorie Harvey

Warren McIntyre

Warren McIntyre is Marjorie’s longtime friend and former childhood playmate, who aims to win her affections. A 19-year-old attending Yale University, he boasts of good looks, familial wealth, fine taste, a respectable name, and… read analysis of Warren McIntyre

Mrs. Harvey / Aunt Josephine

Marjorie’s mother and Bernice’s aunt. Josephine Harvey is a middle-aged lady of considerable wealth and privilege. Representing an earlier generation, she gives voice to the conservative values against which the teenage characters rebel… read analysis of Mrs. Harvey / Aunt Josephine

Otis Ormonde

A minor recurring character, 16-year-old Otis Ormonde is something of a laughingstock among his peers, being easily the youngest of the crowd attending the dances. His eagerness and immaturity in dating speaks to how the… read analysis of Otis Ormonde
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Minor Characters
G. Reece Stoddard
A popular boy and desirable bachelor who begins to give Bernice attention as she climbs the ranks of popularity.
Mrs. Deyo
Mrs. Harvey’s friend, who is vehemently opposed to bobbed haircuts.