Bernice Bobs Her Hair


F. Scott Fitzgerald

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A minor recurring character, 16-year-old Otis Ormonde is something of a laughingstock among his peers, being easily the youngest of the crowd attending the dances. His eagerness and immaturity in dating speaks to how the modern teenager is shaped by his social environment, and the older teenagers’ opinions of him show how harsh this social environment can be. Both of these points illustrate the obstacles that Bernice faces in learning how to socialize with her peers.

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No matter how brilliant or beautiful a girl may be, the reputation of not being frequently cut in on makes her position at a dance unfortunate. Perhaps boys prefer her company to that of the butterflies with whom they dance a dozen times an evening, but youth in this jazz-nourished generation is temperamentally restless, and the idea of foxtrotting more than one full fox trot with the same girl is distasteful, not to say odious.

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...and makes this very request of him, saying that Bernice has been “stuck with little Otis Ormonde for almost an hour.” Disappointed, Warren nonetheless agrees, feeling that Marjorie’s approval is worth... (full context)
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Warren finds Otis waiting for Bernice, making jokes to the crowd at her expense while she fixes her... (full context)