Clybourne Park


Bruce Norris

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A white man in his late forties. Dan is a contractor working for Steve and Lindsey, who is digging a trench in their backyard during the play’s second act. He’s well meaning but tactless, often interrupting emotionally charged conversations. Dan is played by the same actor who plays Russ in Act I.
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Dan Character Timeline in Clybourne Park

The timeline below shows where the character Dan appears in Clybourne Park. The colored dots and icons indicate which themes are associated with that appearance.
Act 2
Communication and Miscommunication Theme Icon reminded of Lena’s name, prompting everyone to reintroduce themselves. Before Lena can speak again, Dan, a contractor working in the backyard, enters from the kitchen. He’s digging a trench and... (full context)
Communication and Miscommunication Theme Icon
Dan interrupts again, emerging from the backyard through the kitchen, carrying the footlocker from Act I,... (full context)
Race and Racism Theme Icon
Dan has entered from the backyard with bolt cutters for the footlocker, and now comes forward... (full context)
Communication and Miscommunication Theme Icon
As Lindsey and Steve were cleaning up, Dan opened the footlocker with his bolt cutters. Kenneth descends the staircase, dressed in a military... (full context)