Veronica Roth

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Beatrice Prior / Tris

Beatrice, or Tris, is the protagonist and heroine of Divergent: a brave, curious young woman who struggles to find an identity for herself and also feels a strong desire to protect other people. At… read analysis of Beatrice Prior / Tris

Tobias / Four

Tobias is one of the most mysterious characters in the book. Although Tobias used to be a highly promising warrior and strategist for the Dauntless, he chose to devote his life to training new Dauntless… read analysis of Tobias / Four


A tough, ruthless Dauntless recruit. Peter is jealous and spiteful, and has a nasty habit of targeting anyone who outperforms him in the rankings: first Edward, whom he stabs in the eye, and later… read analysis of Peter

Natalie Prior

Beatrice Prior’s mother. Natalie is a strong, nurturing woman, although the rules of Abnegation society make it difficult for her to show her love for Beatrice or Caleb Prior. Some ways into the… read analysis of Natalie Prior


A young government official in Dauntless, and the rival of Tobias. Eric is a cruel, sadistic man, who believes that the ideal Dauntless soldier is selfish, ruthless, and indifferent to other people’s suffering. Although… read analysis of Eric
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A Dauntless recruit who struggles with many of the physical and psychological challenges of the training process. Although Al is at first grateful to Beatrice Prior for encouraging him and protecting him, he begins to… read analysis of Al

Andrew Prior

Beatrice Prior’s father, a power leader in the Abnegation community. After Beatrice leaves Abnegation for Dauntless, Andrew is widely criticized for his poor parenting—much to Beatrice’s distress. At the end of the novel, Andrew… read analysis of Andrew Prior
Minor Characters
Jeanine Matthews
The highly intelligent, villainous leader of the Erudite. Jeanine is a skilled manipulator and a charismatic leader. Although she’s capable of great acts of violence, Beatrice Prior notices that Jeanine isn’t an emotional person: she’s cold and calculating, murdering out of necessity, not anger.
The ruthless leader of the Dauntless, instrumental in planning the military coup that occurs at the end of the novel.
A friendly tattoo artist who lives in Dauntless and sometimes volunteers to administer government aptitude tests. It is Tori who first discovers that Beatrice Prior is Divergent, and she keeps Beatrice’s secret, thus saving her life.
Susan Black
Beatrice’s best friend in Abnegation. She has a crush on Beatrice’s brother, Caleb.
Robert Black
A kind young man, the brother of Susan Black, who decides to leave Abnegation and join the Amity community.
A powerful Abnegation leader and the father of Tobias. Marcus is depicted as a devious, deeply untrustworthy man who gives Abnegation a bad name: he abused Tobias with a belt when Tobias was a small child.
A young woman from Candor who joins the Dauntless at the same time as Beatrice. Christina befriends Beatrice, and they bond over their ambition and their disgust with some of the more ruthless Dauntless recruits, such as Peter. Christina also shares Beatrice’s strong sense of competitiveness.
Caleb Prior
Beatrice Prior’s brother. He leaves Abnegation and joins the faction of Erudite.
A young, intelligent Erudite man who joins the Dauntless at the same time as Beatrice Prior, and later becomes her friend. Although Will begins a romance with Christina, Beatrice kills him after he’s turned into a zombie by Eric and Max’s mind-control serum.
A Dauntless recruit, who’s dating Myra.
A Dauntless recruit, dating Edward.
Will’s sister.
A young Dauntless woman.
A Dauntless recruit and follower of Peter.
A Dauntless recruit and follower of Peter.
A Dauntless recruit and friend of Beatrice Prior.
A Dauntless recruit and friend of Beatrice Prior.
A Dauntless recruit and friend of Beatrice Prior.
A Dauntless-born recruit and friend of Uriah.
A Dauntless-born recruit and Uriah’s older brother.