Doctor Faustus


Christopher Marlowe

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Horse-courser Character Analysis

A horse-trader who buys a horse from Faustus. Faustus warns him not to ride the horse in water. The Horse-courser assumes Faustus is trying to cheat him and rides it in water; the horse promptly melts. The angry Horse-courser confronts Faustus (whom he finds sleeping) and pulls on his leg to wake him up. The leg comes apart from Faustus' body (through a magic trick), terrifying the trader, who flees.
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Horse-courser Character Timeline in Doctor Faustus

The timeline below shows where the character Horse-courser appears in Doctor Faustus. The colored dots and icons indicate which themes are associated with that appearance.
Scene 10
The Bargain Theme Icon
Back in Wittenberg, Faustus meets with a horse-courser (horse trader) and sells him his horse. He warns the trader not to ride the... (full context)
Temptation, Sin, and Redemption Theme Icon
The Bargain Theme Icon
The horse-courser returns, completely wet, and angrily calls for Faustus. He had ridden the horse out into... (full context)
Temptation, Sin, and Redemption Theme Icon
...give him all of the hay from his wagon, which Faustus then promptly ate. The horse-courser is also at the bar, and joins in the conversation, telling everyone about the horse... (full context)