Doctor Faustus


Christopher Marlowe

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Doctor Faustus: Scene 8 Summary & Analysis

Robin and Rafe enter with a silver goblet they have stolen. They are attempting to use Faustus' book to conjure. A vintner (wine merchant) interrupts them, demanding they pay for the goblet. They deny that they have the goblet, and Robin casts a spell to conjure up Mephastophilis, who scares the vintner away. Mephastophilis is angry at being summoned by the lowly Robin and Rafe and being called away from Faustus (who is in Constantinople). He threatens to transform Robin and Rafe into animals and leaves.
Robin and Rafe continue to offer a counterpoint to the educated Faustus. Mephastophilis is irritated at being summoned for such an unimportant task. But how different is this from Faustus and Mephastophilis' own pranks in Rome? Regardless of education and social status, both groups' use of magic seems motivated by simple desires. Faustus is just pulling pranks on important people like the Pope, while Robin and Rafe are doing the same to a lowly wine merchant.
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