Julius Caesar

Julius Caesar Characters

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Julius Caesar

A famous general, and husband to Calpurnia. His followers wish to make him king, causing Brutus, Cassius, and the other conspirators to kill him before that can happen. Though Caesar's ambition is… (read full character analysis)

Marcus Brutus

A high-ranking and well-respected Roman, husband to Portia, and one of Caesar's murderers. An intelligent and self-possessed stoic, Brutus is respected by friend and enemy alike, and even by Caesar as Brutus kills him… (read full character analysis)

Caius Cassius

Instigator of the conspiracy against Caesar. Cassius had served beside Caesar in many wars, and even once saved his life. Unlike Brutus, who loves Caesar but is opposed to the idea of a… (read full character analysis)

Mark Antony

Caesar's friend. He desires to make Caesar king, and virtually single-handedly brings about the undoing of the conspirators after Caesar's murder. Described as a passionate man who loves art and music, and teased even by… (read full character analysis)


Wife of Brutus, daughter of the famous Roman statesman Cato. She is proud of her identity as a member of two famous Roman families, and takes her role as wife seriously, demanding that Brutus… (read full character analysis)
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Octavius Caesar

Caesar's nephew and adopted heir. He is young and inexperienced when he returns to Rome as an ally of Antony's after Caesar's death—he protests Antony's plan to betray Lepidus, and is initially outmaneuvered by Brutus… (read full character analysis)


One of the conspirators. Casca is a cynic—a personality type Shakespeare contrasts with the stoicism of Brutus and the Epicureanism of Cassius—and is therefore sarcastic and rude. He seems to want to kill Caesar(read full character analysis)
Minor Characters
Wife of Caesar. She has prophetic dreams about Caesar's murder, and unsuccessfully tries to persuade him to stay home.
Decius Brutus
One of the conspirators. He is adept at flattery and persuasion, and goes to Caesar's house the morning of the murder to persuade Caesar to come to the Capitol by playing on his vanity and pride.
Metellus Cimber
One of the conspirators, who had a brother banished by Caesar.
Caius Ligarius
One of the conspirators, convinced to join merely by the fact that Brutus was involved.
One of the conspirators.
One of the conspirators.
Servant to Brutus.
A weak leader, part of the Second Triumvirate with Antony and Octavius.
A tribune who, along with Murellus, is punished for removing wreaths from Caesar's statues.
A tribune who defaces Caesar's statues with Flavius.
A Roman senator famous for his wisdom and pride.
A Senator sympathetic to the conspirators.
Popillius Laena
A Senator sympathetic to the conspirators.
Has a premonition of the danger facing Caesar, but is ignored.
Attempts to warn Caesar.
Cinna the Poet
A poet attacked by the plebeians for having the same name as one of the conspirators.
Cassius's indentured servant, who assists his suicide.
One of Cassius's officers.
One of Brutus's officers.
One of Brutus's officers.
One of Brutus's officers.
One of Brutus's officers.
Young Cato
An in-law of Brutus, and one of his officers.
An officer of Brutus, who assists his suicide.
One of Brutus's officers.
One of Brutus's officers.
One of Brutus's officers.
Interrupts an argument between Brutus and Cassius.
Caesar's Ghost
Appears before Brutus.
A plebeian accosted in the street by Flavius and Murellus.
Accompanies the Cobbler.
Common people, first pacified by Brutus, then stirred up by Antony, after the murder of Caesar.
Brings news to Antony at Philippi.