Kafka on the Shore


Haruki Murakami

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Kafka on the Shore: Chapter 28 Summary & Analysis

Colonel Sanders leads Hoshino to a large Shinto shrine. There, they meet a young woman who takes Hoshino to a nearby love hotel. As they’re having sex, she talks to him about the philosopher Hegel (she explains that she’s a philosophy student making extra money). They return to the shrine, and Colonel Sanders promises to take Hoshino to the entrance stone.
In Murakami’s world, many characters are preoccupied with psychology, philosophy, and metaphysics, bringing up their theories in day-to-day life or at unexpected times. The prostitute Hoshino meets is one such character. The fact that seemingly everyone in the world of this novel has complicated theories about the mind emphasizes the importance of this theme and the extent to which it is an undercurrent of most conversations.
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