Kafka on the Shore


Haruki Murakami

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Kafka on the Shore: Chapter 46 Summary & Analysis

Hoshino spends a listless day in the apartment trying to figure out what to do with the stone. He is reluctant to call the authorities to remove Nakata’s body until he can make a plan.
Without Nakata’s unusual but decisive direction, Hoshino feels lonely and adrift. He realizes that he has come to rely on Nakata and is unsure what to do now that he’s dead.
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Hoshino spends the next day talking to the entrance stone, telling it stories about girls he’s dated. In the afternoon, he puts on the Archduke Trio, telling the stone he feels like the song is speaking to him. A black cat jumps up onto the windowsill, and Hoshino comments to the cat that it’s a nice day. Much to Hoshino’s surprise, the cat agrees that it is.
Still at a loss without Nakata, Hoshino turns to the other source from which he has recently drawn strength and direction: classical music. Using music and his recollections of the past, Hoshino becomes more comfortable with his solitude and begins to move towards making a plan.
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