Kafka on the Shore


Haruki Murakami

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Kafka on the Shore: Chapter 7 Summary & Analysis

After consulting with Crow about the best course of action, Kafka bluffs his way into extending his student rate at the hotel in Takamatsu without revealing that he’s a runaway. He goes to work out at the gym, which helps him to feel more in control, and then heads to the library. Crow reminds him to be “the toughest fifteen-year-old on the planet.”
Kafka is on high alert, using both his mental and physical prowess as tools to help him be self-sufficient. Physical exercise helps him feel more in control of his unruly thoughts, as does turning to his guiding voice, Crow, for advice.
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Kafka spends another day reading at the Komura library, and reveals to Oshima that he never plans to return to home or school, but he is hesitant to explain why. Oshima is concerned that Kafka will not be able to take proper care of himself, but does not seem as if he will report Kafka to the authorities.
Kafka is reluctant to compromise his independence by telling anyone what he’s doing, but he likes Oshima in spite of himself, and breaks his resolve. Oshima’s acceptance of the situation is a hint that Kafka may be able to trust more people besides just himself.
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For the next week, Kafka falls into a lonely, orderly routine, spending mornings in the gym, afternoons at the library, and evenings alone in his hotel.
Despite connecting with Oshima, Kafka remains introverted and independent so that he does not risk getting caught. For the time being, spending his days alone seems to be the best option.
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