Michael Lewis

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Henry Chadwick Character Analysis

19th century British journalist who pioneered the traditional baseball statistics, such as batting average, that are still commonly used in baseball. As Lewis sees it, Chadwick was largely responsible for the widespread misunderstandings of how baseball worked that, more than a century later, allowed Paul DePodesta and Billy Beane to assemble a team of secretly talented athletes that nobody else wanted.
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Henry Chadwick Character Timeline in Moneyball

The timeline below shows where the character Henry Chadwick appears in Moneyball. The colored dots and icons indicate which themes are associated with that appearance.
Chapter 4: Field of Ignorance
Statistics and Rationality Theme Icon
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...statistics date back more than a century. In the 1860s, a British journalist named Henry Chadwick pioneered the concept of the box score in baseball. Chadwick’s reference point was the game... (full context)
Statistics and Rationality Theme Icon
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Between Chadwick and James, there had been periodic attempts to rethink baseball statistics. But it wasn’t until... (full context)