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The 2002 Playoffs Symbol Analysis

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In 2002, after a spectacular season, the Oakland A’s lose in the playoffs to a team with a far worse record, the Minnesota Twins. The A’s loss in the playoffs is a symbol of the randomness and unpredictability of the game of baseball. Billy Beane and Paul DePodesta try to minimize the role of luck in their sport, but they can’t get rid of it altogether.

The 2002 Playoffs Quotes in Moneyball

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Chapter 12 Quotes

"I made one decision based on money in my life—when I signed with the Mets rather than go to Stanford—and I promised I'd never do it again." After that, Billy confined himself to the usual blather about personal reasons. None of what he said was terribly rational or "objective"—but then, neither was he. Within a week, he was back to scheming how to get the Oakland A’s back to the playoffs, and Paul DePodesta was back to being on his side.

Related Characters: Billy Beane (speaker), Paul DePodesta
Related Symbols: The 2002 Playoffs
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The 2002 Playoffs Symbol Timeline in Moneyball

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Chapter 12: The Speed of an Idea
Statistics and Rationality Theme Icon
Bias Theme Icon
Psychology and Talent Theme Icon
The Oakland A’s approach the 2002 playoffs. In their penultimate game of the regular season, they face the Texas Rangers. Billy Beane... (full context)
Bias Theme Icon
Money and Value Theme Icon
The regular season ends and the A’s have own their division and made the playoffs. Two important things happen. First, Art Howe holds a meeting with the press in which... (full context)
Statistics and Rationality Theme Icon
Bias Theme Icon
Psychology and Talent Theme Icon
Money and Value Theme Icon
Billy said, “My shit doesn’t work in the playoffs. My job is to get us to the playoffs. What happens after that is fucking... (full context)