Silence! The Court is in Session


Vijay Tendulkar

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Silence! The Court is in Session Characters


The play’s protagonist, Leela Benare is an unmarried teacher in her early thirties and a member of the cast of the Living Courtroom. Benare has been carrying on an affair with Professor Damleread analysis of Benare


Raghunath Bhikaji Samant is a local villager who helps the members of the Living Courtroom find the meeting hall and set up. He remains in the room throughout their improvised trial, even serving as a… read analysis of Samant


A central member of the Living Courtroom, in which he typically plays the lawyer for the prosecution. However, since both Damle and Rawte are absent on this particular day, he also acts as the… read analysis of Sukhatme


A failed academic who works as a clerk and is a member of the Living Courtroom. Gopal N.Ponkshe is insecure about his professional status but tries to elevate himself by insulting and degrading those… read analysis of Ponkshe

Mr. Kashikar

The husband of Mrs. Kashikar and a central member of the Living Courtroom, in which he plays the judge. Kashikar is a social worker in his real life and takes great pride in his… read analysis of Mr. Kashikar
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Mrs. Kashikar

The wife of Mr. Kashikar and a supporting member of the Living Courtroom. Although critical like her husband, Mrs, Kashikar has to endure near constant verbal abuse from Kashikar, who publically mocks and chastises… read analysis of Mrs. Kashikar

Balu Rokde

Balu Rodke is a young man who lives with Mr. Kashikar and Mrs. Kashikar. The couple paid for Rokde’s education and serve as a kind of foster family. Rokde is indebted to them, acting… read analysis of Balu Rokde


A professional actor and member of the Living Courtroom. Although he joins in with Sukhatme, Mr. Kashikar, and Ponkshe in tormenting Benare, he seems to have less of a personal, emotional… read analysis of Karnik

Professor Damle

A member of the Living Courtroom in his spare time and an academic professionally. Damle has a wife and five children, however he nonetheless began an affair with Benare that has resulted in her pregnancy… read analysis of Professor Damle
Minor Characters
A member of the Living Courtroom who is sick on the day of this particular trial.
Nanasaheb Shinde
The Mumbai-based Chairman of the Education Society. He also has an interest in social work. Based on a conversation Mr. Kashikar claims to have overheard, Nanasaheb is likely the man who decided to fire Benare, on account of the perceived immorality of her unmarried motherhood.
Benare’s Uncle
As a young girl Benare fell in love with her uncle, as he was kinder to her than her parents. Her uncle and mother opposed the relationship, however, and, feeling betrayed, Benare attempted suicide.
A servant who appears briefly at the beginning of the play to help load in props for the Living Courtroom.