Silence! The Court is in Session


Vijay Tendulkar

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A bed bug poison, that is also poisonous to humans.

Tik-20 Quotes in Silence! The Court is in Session

The Silence! The Court is in Session quotes below are all either spoken by Tik-20 or refer to Tik-20. For each quote, you can also see the other terms and themes related to it (each theme is indicated by its own dot and icon, like this one:
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). Note: all page numbers and citation info for the quotes below refer to the Oxford University Press edition of Silence! The Court is in Session published in 1996.
Act Three Quotes

KARNIK. For instance, the accused had attempted suicide once before.

SUKHATME [Radiant]. That’s the point! There is a precedent for the bottle of T1K-20.

KARNIK. I can’t say that exactly. I can only tell you what happened. My information is that the accused attempted suicide because of a disappointment in love. She fell in love at the age of fifteen, with her own maternal uncle! That’s what ended in disappointment.

MRS KASHIKAR [Totally floored]. Her uncle!

SUKHATME. Milord—her maternal uncle—her mother’s brother. What an immoral relationship!

KASHIKAR. In other words, just one step away from total depravity. Fine, Sukhatme, very fine!

SUKHATME. Milord, why do you say ‘fine’? The present conduct of the accused is totally licentious. We know that. But it now seems that her past, too, is smeared in sin. This shows it as clear as daylight.

Related Characters: Sukhatme (speaker), Mr. Kashikar (speaker), Mrs. Kashikar (speaker), Karnik (speaker), Benare, Benare’s Uncle
Page Number: 111
Explanation and Analysis:

Life is a book that goes ripping into pieces. Life is a poisonous snake that bites itself. Life is a betrayal. Life is a fraud. Life is a drug. Life is drudgery. Life is a something that’s nothing—or a nothing that’s something. […] Sack it from its job! But why? Why? Was I slack in my work? I just put my whole life into working with the children . . . I loved it! I taught them well! I knew that your own flesh and blood don’t want to understand you. Only one thing in life is all-important—the body! You may deny it, but it is true. Emotion is something people talk about with sentiment. It was obvious to me. I was living through it. It was burning through me. But—do you know?—I did not teach any of this to those tender, young souls. I swallowed that poison, but didn’t even let a drop of it touch them! I taught them beauty. I taught them purity. I cried inside, and I made them laugh. I was cracking up with despair, and I taught them hope. For what sin are they robbing me of my job, my only comfort? My private life is my own business. I'll decide what to do with myself; everyone should be able to! That can’t be anyone else's business; understand?

Related Characters: Benare (speaker), Mr. Kashikar, Professor Damle, Benare’s Uncle
Page Number: 116-117
Explanation and Analysis:
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Tik-20 Term Timeline in Silence! The Court is in Session

The timeline below shows where the term Tik-20 appears in Silence! The Court is in Session. The colored dots and icons indicate which themes are associated with that appearance.
Act Three
Performance and Self Expression Theme Icon
...Benare stiffens as he begins to speak. He announces that Benare has a bottle of TIK-20, a poison, in her purse. He knows this because she asked him to meet the... (full context)
Performance and Self Expression Theme Icon
Guilt and Innocence  Theme Icon
...her lips but Karnik bats it away. Ponkshe picks it up, and sees it is TIK-20. Sukhatme rests the prosecution. Kashikar calls the counsel for the accused. Sukhatme, playing both the... (full context)
Guilt and Innocence  Theme Icon respond. Ponkshe sends Samant to get tea for Benare. Kashikar notices the bottle of TIK-20, still on the judge’s table. He pauses, then urges the others to follow him into... (full context)