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Tartuffe: Act 1, Scene 3 Summary & Analysis

Elmire, Mariane, and Damis reenter, glad to be rid of Madame Pernelle, and anticipating the arrival of Orgon. They discuss Mariane’s impending wedding to the man she loves, Valère, and worry that Tartuffe may manipulate Orgon into withdrawing his blessing. Damis, in particular, is worried, because he wants to marry Valère’s sister.
The negative effects of Tartuffe on the family unit become clearer, as the characters reveal that Mariane’s and Damis’ marriages are in jeopardy. While a father is supposed to manage a family to set up marriages for his children that secure both wealth and love, Tartuffe is looking to break those things, probably for his own benefit.
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Hearing Orgon, all exit except for Cléante and Dorine.
Tartuffe has already alienated Orgon from his loved ones.
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