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Tartuffe: Act 4, Scene 7 Summary & Analysis

As Tartuffe comes back to announce that the house is empty, Orgon leaps out from behind Elmire and begins to berate Tartuffe for attempting to marry his daughter while coveting his wife. He falsely states that he has suspected Tartuffe for a long time, and refuses to listen when Tartuffe attempts to talk his way out of the situation, ordering the hypocrite to leave his house.
Ever emotional and irrational, Orgon immediately convinces himself that he has always suspected Tartuffe. Even though he no longer is duped by Tartuffe, he still remains volatile and dramatic.
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At this, Tartuffe shows his true colors, saying that since Orgon made him his heir and signed over all he owned, it is his former patron who should be turned out of the house. Before leaving, he warns that he will return, and says that Orgon has offended Heaven and will be punished for his wicked ways.
Orgon’s decision to make Tartuffe his heir has come back to haunt him (of course!); in theory, at least, Tartuffe does now have the legal power to turn Orgon and his family out of their own house.
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